Brand-focused we partner with our clients & top class wineries to navigate their business into the Chinese-Asian market with state-of-the-art strategic management, marketing, various distribution strategies, and generate brand awareness to help them drive sustainable business outcomes to win in 2019 and beyond.
For you as a vintner, we will bring extensive experience and professionalism in the European and Chinese industry to every objective and support you in opening up on new markets and growing sustainable, qualitatively and most importantly profitable.



With strategic branding capabilities like a consulting firm and intercultural analysis experience in the PRC, we generate attention for our clients that actually work.



Founded on the idea of being built for today’s wine trading market, we value being practitioners on every platform we manage to drive positive business results that matter.



As a one-stop-agency for building your wine brand in the PRC, we’re driven every day by one simple goal: To help your grape business step up its commerce strategy.

Hi guys, we’re Team Gexco!
We genuinely believe that strong personal relations with our trusted importers, customers and vintners in both China and Europe, a high awareness for quality, disproportionate love for our work is the backbone of our entrepreneurship. And we bring a lot of heart to that daily hustle that drives our customer’s businesses in today’s economy landscape.

Strong partnerships are the backbone of our entrepreneurial operations. With them, we share a common bond. We share a passion and believe in the same vision. The vision of building something great - together.

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